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  1. a consideration of (or possibly a desire to join) the "upper class" in terms of social structure
  2. an encouragement to make sure you do not become too "uppity" or behave in a snobbish and elitist manner
  3. a caution against your tendency to reach beyond your grasp, or conversely a call to set your sights even higher and aim for greater achievements
  4. stimulant drugs or "uppers" and a concern that you may be abusing them in some way
  5. a desire to feel "up" or elevated in mood
  6. an observation or sense that someone is trying to gain the "upper hand" in a contest or in a business deal
  7. the "Upper World" to which spirits are said to travel (signifying a prompting to elevate your thoughts and choose a more spiritual path)


high, higher

Related terms

status, aspire, elevate, elevated, elite