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  1. your thoughts and feelings regarding a significant time in your life (past, present, or future)
  2. the different stages of your life may be represented by the time of day in your dream (morning is youth, noon is midlife, and evening is old age)
  3. a particular hour of the day may signify your feelings about either what you do at that time in your daily routine
  4. the hour of the day could also correspond to an age in your life (for instance, 10:30 could mean something that happened when you were ten and a half years old)
  5. a feeling that the time has come to take action of one sort or another and start making progress toward some end
  6. a possible indication that you feel pressured and hurried in your waking life (therefore, a call to take more time out of your schedule to spend on rest and/or quiet reflection)


times, timed, timing

Related terms

moment, hour, minute, clock, second, measurement, pace, speed, rapidity, velocity