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  1. power and strength associated with authority
  2. linked hands symbolizing fraternity or solidarity in the face of danger
  3. a need for caution or care in a part of your life (at work, home, or play)
  4. a desire for manual stimulation as a means of producing sexual pleasure
  5. a wish to provide or receive assistance in the form of labor and service ("lending a helping hand")
  6. a map or pattern representing your life and psyche (palmistry or chiromancy, AKA "palm reading")
  7. the characteristics of someone's hands that offer a symbolic insight into their personality or nature (dirty hands may represent guilt, rough hands may indicate callousness)
  8. the first person or "hands-on" experiences you have had in your life consisting of your physical interactions with the world around you
  9. healing through touch or the "laying-on of hands"


hands, handing, handed

Related terms

fingers, palm, thumb, manual, grab, grip, grasp, help, assist, applause, clap