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  1. a sense that there has been a drop in your social status or others' opinions of you
  2. a loss of self-assurance or belief in your own stability
  3. a humble and simple "down to earth" approach to life and the basic human experience we all share
  4. something from your unconscious or intuitive mind that is trying to trip you in order to get your attention
  5. a feeling of concern for a relationship in your life after a recent "falling out" or disagreement
  6. something that arrives unexpectedly or unannounced by moving silently and without obvious direction ("windfall" is a serendipitous or unexpected blessing)
  7. the catastrophic end or demise of something that was once powerful or great (such as "the fall of Rome")
  8. the feelings and memories you attach to the season of autumn


falling, fallen, falls

Related terms

drop, decrease, plummet, dive, downward, lessen, dwindle, autumn, season