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  1. a prompting to appreciate the joy in everyday life (whether it is in your job, your home, or your relationships)
  2. a pastime or hobby that you used to enjoy doing or may be interested in starting
  3. a sense of exuberance and joie de vivre that you need (or someone else needs) in order to move away from negative feelings and see the good in a situation
  4. a sense of flow and movement that relates to your emotional health and a call to notice and take pleasure in the simple aspects of life
  5. a desire to feel a sense of connection with a state of spiritual bliss and interconnectedness with the cosmos and its creator (God, Great Spirit, or any other name you may call the life force)


enjoyment, enjoyed, enjoyable, enjoying, enjoys

Related terms

appreciate, savor, happy, like, positive, value, ecstasy, bliss, exuberance, elan, joie de vivre