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  1. someone or something you feel to be more powerful or important than you
  2. a generalized sense of things being big could signify the experience of childhood when everything around you appeared bigger
  3. an all-powerful and all-pervading force in the universe and your feelings about your relationship to that force or entity
  4. anything in your life that is especially large or bulky (in dimension, weight, quantity, or importance)
  5. "big money" consisting of a great number or amount of resources belonging to yourself or another
  6. something that is preeminent in your life that needs to be addressed promptly
  7. your feelings about and association with someone who you view as pretentious and given to "big talk" or boasting
  8. someone (possibly yourself) given to substantial displays of generosity can be said to have "a big heart"


bigger, biggest

Related terms

large, enormous, gigantic, popular, valuable, pinnacle, acme, apex, high, top, huge