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  1. a symbol of the male sex organ and a need to express your masculine thrusts and energies
  2. a representation of innovation and power
  3. someone who fulfills the role of a mother figure by carrying and guiding you or your family
  4. a tendency to remain passive in a situation and just go along for the ride
  5. an indication of the high value you place on material possessions and wealth
  6. your physical body as a vehicle that moves you through life
  7. making progress toward a goal or conversely spinning your wheels and remaining stagnant
  8. a reference to the bumps and pitfalls existing in everyday life
  9. thoughts and feelings you have about the possibility of an impending trip or vacation
  10. a desire for escapism and the ability to remove yourself (in a literal or figurative sense) from your present situation


automobiles, automotive, auto, autos

Related terms

car, vehicle, transport, conveyance, motor, carriage, chassis, truck, van, sedan, coupe, wheels, tires