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  1. a means you have of contending with another (or possibly another aspect of yourself) for something you both want
  2. a sense of being on the defensive and seeking to display aggression to protect yourself from someone's verbal or physical intrusions
  3. an awareness of the ways in which you or others "weaponize" something by using it in an offensive or manipulative fashion (and an impetus to direct your own violent and aggressive energies in positive ways)
  4. a feeling of aggression towards someone (or possibly an indication of self-destructive tendencies)
  5. an effort to embrace the masculine principles (the "animus" for a female) of bravery and the ability to protect your family
  6. a symbolic representation of a penis indicating possible feelings of sexual inferiority or superiority or an expression of the link between aggression and sexuality
  7. an attempt to fight off your unconscious desires and struggle to fend off or pierce the dark side of your psyche
  8. a reminder of wars or battles where people have fought and/or died perhaps to ensure the safety of citizens and maintain law and order
  9. a desire to work on the behalf of world peace so that people can "turn their swords into plowshares"


weapons, arms, armament, armaments, weaponry

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