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  1. a covering or roof that serves as protection for you and your loved ones
  2. a path connecting two objects which may represent your path in life
  3. a rainbow symbolizing a positive turn of events or hope for the future (the pathway set forth by a higher calling)
  4. a state of being prone or spread out across something as a mother hen arches her wings protectively over her chicks
  5. energy that is far-reaching or (conversely) dissipated
  6. comfort and firmness such as "arch support" in a shoe or something that may represent a shoe
  7. flexibility and freedom of movement as provided by the arch of your lower back
  8. a call to loosen your rigid boundaries and open yourself up to new experiences
  9. feeling "arch" or sly (possibly acting upon contrary or hidden motives) in the same way as an archrival


arches, arched, arching

Related terms

chuppa, support, ceiling, cover, covering, bridge, span, vault, roof