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  1. an apple's spherical shape may represent the totality of life from birth until death
  2. forbidden fruit (especially of a sexual or worldly nature) for which you feel a longing
  3. a warning against the exaltation of materialistic desire
  4. a person or possession that is "the apple of your eye" or precious to you
  5. an attempt at or contemplation of "apple-polishing" an authority figure (whether external or within your own psyche) to placate them or curry favor
  6. a wish or fear that you or another may "upset the applecart" by disrupting a situation or undertaking
  7. a desire to increase your health or "keep the doctor away" possibly by including more apples in your diet
  8. values that are "as American as apple pie" including such concepts as simplicity and wholesomeness
  9. "The Big Apple" or New York City



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