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  1. your reflection upon an aspect of your life that seemed small or inconsequential at first but has turned out to be more significant than previously believed
  2. a part of your life or psyche which you have ignored or overlooked but may involve potentially destructive or toxic contents
  3. your actual appendix and concerns you may have about your state of health at the present time
  4. a call to concentrate on the well-being of your internal organs or your inner life
  5. a part of your life that serves no obvious purpose and could likely be removed without any ill effect
  6. something which you can let go of or give away without jeopardizing your own health and peace
  7. a supplementary collection of related readings at the end of a book
  8. any aspect of your life that may be "backing" or supporting you
  9. an action performed at the end of an event


appendices, appendectomy, appendicitis

Related terms

addendum, digestive, extra, superfluous, vestigial, afterword, epilogue, citation