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  1. feelings of painful apprehension and uneasiness about an anticipated or impending event especially when accompanied by doubt regarding the veracity of the perceived threat
  2. an incidence of unusual and overwhelming dread or fear often coinciding with bodily signs (sweating, muscle rigidity, spike in blood pressure, hyperventilation, increase in pulse) indicative of an immediate danger
  3. fears about your ability to perform at an upcoming event (often called stage fright or performance anxiety) or to cope with a forthcoming situation
  4. a concern that you have not adequately prepared yourself to accomplish a task that has been given to you
  5. an awareness of a discrepancy between your actual life and the way you feel it should be lived
  6. a call to remain in the moment instead of worrying in excess about the outcome of future events
  7. a lack of essential needs (such as physical and emotional affection) which becomes critical when anxiety is used as an unconscious justification for meeting these needs
  8. a resource of potential energy and strength that you possess but have not yet begun to use, a chance to turn and direct your dispersed and unfocused energies into more effective and creative expressions


anxieties, anxious

Related terms

stress, apprehension, dread, fear, terror, phobia, aversion, uneasiness, worry, bewilderment, panic