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  1. the memories that special objects remind you of
  2. past events and people in your life
  3. a call to resolve an issue from the past
  4. anything that may be outdated or old and antiquated
  5. a part of your family ancestry or lineage of which you are proud
  6. a chance to explore where you come from and realize how far you've progressed
  7. a call to adopt a progressive or innovative approach to life rather than clinging to an old-fashioned way of thinking that may no longer be tenable or applicable
  8. the qualities of being valued and cherished
  9. a symbol of your background in a specific field


antiques, antiquities, antiquity

Related terms

classic, old, restored, ancient, historic, used, vintage, aged, inherited, passed down, estate, furniture, thrift, refinished, refined, erstwhile, bygone, obsolete, out-of-date, dated, relic