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  1. your knowledge (whether in nature, the zoo, on television, in books or movies) of a family of animals that feed chiefly on ants and termites
  2. someone possessing the capacity to wipe out a community of small workers
  3. one's ability to ambush others by striking quickly before danger is perceived
  4. the anteater's long proboscis or snout can symbolically represent a penis or male sex organ
  5. the nourishment of oneself through sexual activity
  6. oral activity (sex, talking, eating, etc.) and its potential to provide a person with satisfaction
  7. the ability to bring unconscious memories and motives into consciousness in the same way that anteaters brings ants and termites to the surface of the ground
  8. the courage required to take a leap of faith or venture into the unknown and unconscious
  9. the dissolving of illusion through a natural and sacred ritual



Related terms

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