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  1. the letters which make language and communication possible by creating words
  2. a reminder of the importance of "minding your p's and q's" or being careful and circumspect in your actions
  3. an impetus to put the finishing touches on a project by "crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's" in order to achieve completion
  4. a vehicle for thought, the creative force of consciousness in an effort to find meaning through written words
  5. a yearning for greater wisdom and call to pay more attention to developing and expressing your intellectual side
  6. an urging to organize your thoughts and beliefs in the same way as you would alphabetize files or books
  7. a call to systematize something (such as related concepts in an essay) in order to ease communication with others
  8. an inducement to arrange or catalog a group of items (such as files) in order to make them easier to locate
  9. a need to develop an understanding of something's elementary or rudimentary characteristics in order to gain an appreciation and working knowledge of the thing as a whole


alphabetical, alphabetic, alphabetically, alphabetize, alphabetization

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