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  1. your feelings about permissiveness and wondering what degree of unusual or erratic behavior (on your part or that of another person) should be allowed
  2. your tolerance and acceptance of different viewpoints or people
  3. a desire to allow your friends and family members to behave more naturally and be themselves around you
  4. a search for acceptance of a project or legitimacy of a relationship
  5. "all that heaven allows" indicates stretching the limits of behavior (sexual, professional, etc.) rather than relying upon conventional boundaries
  6. an allowance or amount of resources (especially money) given or received at set intervals
  7. acceptance of an occurrence in your life that you might not enjoy but have no power to prevent or change
  8. making the best of a situation by losing gracefully
  9. a call for you to allow yourself adequate time for rest and relaxation
  10. a question of whether to "allow" a deduction on your income taxes or on a business project


allows, allowing, allowed, allowance, allowances, allowable

Related terms

permit, accept, afford, grant, concede, acquiesce, agree