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  1. another person's (or your own) tendency to lay in wait and then ambush others by attacking or snapping at them
  2. a call for you to stay alert and exercise more caution in your undertakings
  3. "see you later, alligator" may indicate a break or hiatus in a relationship with the intention of reconciliation
  4. the qualities of being rough or tough on the outside in the same way as alligator skin
  5. a fierce or ferocious part or aspect of yourself
  6. the ability to withstand a great deal of strain or tension and pressure in your everyday life
  7. a dangerous aspect of your life or personality that may be attempting to rise from the figurative swamps of your unconscious
  8. a time of your life when you wore alligator shirts or alligator-print accessories such as shoes or purses


alligators, gators, gator

Related terms

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