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  1. something that has "vanished into thin air" or been dissolved into nothingness
  2. something that remains "up in the air" or undecided
  3. venting your feelings or "airing your opinion" by sharing your insights with others
  4. your interest or involvement with "going on the air" via radio or television broadcasting
  5. "putting on airs" by masking your true self under a mask of pretense or artificiality
  6. "airing something out" in order to ventilate it or allow it to dry out
  7. an appearance or bearing as in "an air of mystery" that expresses a quality or characteristic belonging to someone or something
  8. a sudden break in a relationship
  9. the invisible, odorless gases that surround the earth with atmosphere that make it possible for life to exist, or the quality of the air where you live


aired, airs, airy

Related terms

ether, aether, nebula, breath, breathe, smog, oxygen