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  1. a feeling that you are (or would like to be) in a position to offer help to other people
  2. a sense that you are in a position of needing help which you may or may not be receiving
  3. consideration of processes or habits which originally assisted you but are not longer needed
  4. apprehension about contracting or transmitting the disease known as AIDS (or the HIV virus that causes AIDS)
  5. a feeling that you are in the middle or center of a situation perhaps caught between two friends in an argument)
  6. a sense of searching for a compromise or middle ground between two extremes (such as between spiritual and physical motivations)
  7. a desire to avoid taking sides in a dispute but to remain neutral or "in the middle of the road" and passive
  8. a concern that you may be changing your plans while in the middle of an important task


aids, aided, aiding

Related terms

assist, abet, conspire, help, participate