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  1. a sense that someone or something is passing away (dying) or simply moving on from your life
  2. a remembrance of or buried feelings about someone or something already passed on, any special relevance these thoughts or memories have for you at this time
  3. a pun on the word "go" which may be expressing a desire to go somewhere else either physically or mentally
  4. exemplifies a possible desire to return to the qualities associated with a certain period in your life history
  5. a conflict within yourself about whether to stay somewhere (such as in a particular job or relationship) or depart on another course
  6. symbolizes an effort to find a place where you feel you "go" or belong
  7. a suggestion that some qualities or habits "from long ago" are no longer necessary and may in fact be detrimental


Related terms

past, before, earlier, history, precedent, ages, eons, time