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  1. consistency with your beliefs, your commitment or "adherence" to a plan of action that you have decided to take and intend to pursue to its completion
  2. the importance of following certain traditions and customs, perhaps a call to examine your devotion to these rituals in order to determine whether you are "stuck in a rut" observing outdated practices that no longer function well for you.
  3. a sign that you are being inflexible and avoiding variation or experimentation in your way of approaching life issues and problems
  4. an inclination (whether your own or another person's) to remain steadfastly "attached" to another person/group or way of thinking that dictates their actions and beliefs rather than enabling them to think and act of their own accord


adheres, adhered, adhering, adherence, adhesive

Related terms

stick, stuck, fasten, fastened, secure, hold, conform, immobilize