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  1. an awareness of changing situations or cycles/rhythms in life, your perception of changes in your environment that will ultimately result in changes in your life
  2. a need to make adjustments in your life that will enable you to work or play more effectively and take advantage of new opportunities with greater enjoyment
  3. a desire to develop a greater ability to "roll with the punches" and accept changes that may be occurring in your body or in your personal or professional life
  4. a calling to protect yourself by disengaging from bad habits such as dangerous relationships or unhealthy obligations, a possible sign that it is time to release yourself from old customs and past guilt or pain so that you can better prepare for the future
  5. a prompting reminiscent of an injunction that requires you to adapt to changing times
  6. (conversely) an impetus to question whether you may be sacrificing your values and principles by adapting too eagerly or without sufficient forethought


adapts, adapted, adapting, adaptation, adaptable, adaptability

Related terms

change, conform, transmute, evolve, fit, situate, become, integrate, blend, habituate