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  1. the performance of necessary tasks in order to bring your goals into reality
  2. an indication that you are making an effort to improve your skills in interpersonal relationships or in academic or professional capacities
  3. portraying something that you are eager to express or conveying something of meaning to others through a performance
  4. the actualization of wishes or desires dealing with any physical human activity (such as exercise, sports training, or sexual activity) that can be observed by others
  5. putting forth a guise in a relationship by "playing a role" or "acting a part" instead of being straightforward and without hidden agendas
  6. your own (or someone else's) habit of keeping intentions concealed while giving a superficial appearance of sincerity
  7. following a set of rules and behaving properly or "acting like a good child"


action, acting, behave, behaved, behaves, behaving,

Related terms

pretend, script, characterize, embody, play, stage, drama