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  1. a feeling of comfort you derive upon finding a state of affairs agreeable or to your liking
  2. someone's (or perhaps your own) tendency to passively give in to others' demands, surrendering to others' ideas without first considering their own values or opinions
  3. a sense that you may be lowering your standards in order to fulfill a strong need or desire
  4. a habit you or another person may have of accepting other people's values or beliefs uncritically or without examination
  5. a need to acknowledge the importance of good health in your life and harmonize with your bodily rhythms and energies
  6. a consensus reached by negotiation and goodwill, a "gentlemen's agreement" or unwritten rule, something which has the force of law even though it does not exist in writing


acquiescence, acquiesces, acquiesced, acquiescing

Related terms

agree, agreement, concede, capitulate, concur, yield, accept