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  1. the level of knowledge you possess about your own abilities (physical and otherwise) and/or the alternative choices that are available to you
  2. a calling to increase your familiarity with an aspect of your life that you may have ignored for a long time, such as exploring the neighborhood in which you live or learning more about a particularly obscure aspect of your job
  3. a desire to become more securely attached to (and confident of) your spiritual or sensual capacities
  4. reflection upon the friendships or "old acquaintances" from long ago who have impacted your life in some meaningful way
  5. an acknowledgment of the role your current friends and acquaintances play in enriching your day-to-day life in both personal and professional ways
  6. an opportunity for you to introduce your work associates to someone who will be able to help them in their careers
  7. a sense that you have many acquaintances but few real friends


acquaints, acquainted, acquainting, acquaintance

Related terms

introduce, familiarize, meet, adopt, befriend