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  1. your feelings about a recent event that "turned sour" as symbolized by the sharp and sour taste of acid like the citric acid in lemon juice
  2. someone's (or perhaps your own) tendency to have a sharp or "acid" tongue, at times saying unfriendly or even nasty things
  3. past or present use (by yourself or someone else) of the hallucinogenic drug called "acid" or LSD, and the feelings and thoughts you associate with this experience
  4. a personal relationship that you have or had with someone who used LSD
  5. a sign that you are seeking otherworldly transcendence such as might be attained through a spirit quest
  6. acid rock music and the feelings it evokes for you, or a significant event that occurred when you were listening to this type of music


acids, acidic

Related terms

corrosive, corrode, burn, chemical, erode, dissolve