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  1. an acknowledgment of the effort and work needed to obtain physical competence such as athletic excellence or body coordination
  2. a reminder to focus upon reaching your goals rather than anticipating failure
  3. the feeling of celebration that occurs upon reaching closure in a task that you have always wanted to complete
  4. attaining a position that you have long desired, or recognizing your drive to advance to this position
  5. a personal accomplishment (interpersonal, educational, financial, etc.) or the desire to reach a personal goal
  6. a level of communication that you have reached with another person or group of people, or
  7. "achieving communion" with a spiritual force (which is known by many names: God, Allah, the Great Spirit, the Creator, the life force)


achievement, achieves, achieved, achieving

Related terms

accomplish, pinnacle, acme, apex, excel, perform, ace, succeed