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  1. the attainment of some level of expertise in a given human endeavor (such as sports, business, education, science, the arts, or child-rearing)
  2. a "mile marker" or point of completion in your work from which satisfaction can be derived, or a call for you to complete a project that has remained unfinished
  3. a state of emotional stability and psychological understanding that you have reached
  4. a representation of someone's (or your own) journey of recovery from an accident or illness and regaining health and ability
  5. an impetus to develop a level of spiritual understanding that is satisfying and enriching
  6. the successful outcome of a search for a partner with whom one can live harmoniously in work and/or play
  7. a sense of having gained the ability to express oneself—physically, emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually—in a more effective manner


accomplishing, accomplishment, accomplished

Related terms

achieve, achievement, attain, attainment, win, earn