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  1. the sense of your psyche and emotional self inhabiting your physical body, an understanding of the correlation between your mental operations and physical actions
  2. a calling to develop a perspective that allows you to observe your behavior objectively while participating in your life experiences, gaining the ability to learn from your mistakes and correct them in the future
  3. a feeling of unity between your body and your mind
  4. a friendship or romance with a level of intimacy akin to two people functioning as one, providing companionship and support to one another in a myriad of different ways
  5. sexual communication and sharing between romantic partners
  6. giving emotional support to others in times of need, making it possible for a lonely person to feel the presence of someone who cares
  7. lending your assistance to someone for the purpose of advancing their career
  8. embarking on an adventure with a group or touring party, practicing safety in numbers by avoiding solitary travel especially on a dangerous journey


accompanying, accompanies, accompanied

Related terms

attend, attendant, escort, convoy, entourage