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  1. a need to create a mental space of inner tranquility in which spiritual growth can occur, much like a hotel's accommodations where a person can feel safe and secure
  2. your psyche's acceptance and protection of your vulnerable side
  3. your willingness to share with others and provide them with what they need or otherwise facilitate their well-being in some way
  4. the ability to make allowance for your own or another person's emotional baggage or ups and downs
  5. a desire to further develop the flexibility that would enable you to better meet the needs of a friend or associate in their personal life or in the context of business or education
  6. a sense of yearning for an open forum where your own and other people's beliefs are respected
  7. a calling to assess your body's requirements (for food, rest, and exercise) and make any necessary changes in order to enable more effective health and wellness


accommodates, accommodating, accommodated, accommodation

Related terms

lodge, welcome, take in, accept, shelter, integrate, serve, comfort