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  1. a prompting to increase your focus on adjusting to changing circumstances in your public/professional or personal life
  2. a need to rely upon your ability to learn new things and integrate the knowledge in order to make the best of dynamic or uncertain situations and conditions
  3. a calling to see things in a new light, to integrate new levels of understanding or insight into your view of the world
  4. the need for a period of re-evaluation and reassessment
  5. possible indication that you are struggling to cope with the loss or potential loss of a friend or loved one
  6. the body's process of adapting to changes caused by its own maturation or by the environment or time of year
  7. someone's (or perhaps your own) ability to leave home either permanently or temporarily and adjust to a new environment


acclimated, acclimating, acclimated

Related terms

adapt, adjust, get used to, familiarize, integrate