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  1. a sense of pride you feel about advancing in your personal endeavors to improve, acknowledgment of the progress you are making in some area of your life (body, mind, emotions, or spirit) and your process of transformation
  2. a feeling of respect for the accomplishments and progress that someone has made in their professional field
  3. a need for approval especially when sought from a large number of people, the advantages and disadvantages of this drive for recognition
  4. an appreciation you have for a human trait—such as physical beauty, intellectual curiosity, emotional balance, or spiritual development—that you deem worthy of praise
  5. the sense of gratitude and celebration that you feel for yourself or someone else upon recovery from an illness or accident
  6. honors or awards that are either given or deserved, rewarding excellence in achievements especially when someone has had to overcome setbacks or disabilities


acclaims, acclaiming, acclaimed, acclamation

Related terms

praise, celebration, kudos, award, recognition, applause