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  1. passing judgment on yourself or on another person for past mistakes or indiscretions including actions or decisions that you consider immoral;
  2. a concern that someone you know may intend to “pass the buck” and hold other people responsible for failures and shortcomings which they themselves have caused;
  3. righteous indignation against a nation or faction for injustice they have done, whether harming innocent people or damaging the natural environment;
  4. a sense of worry with regard to someone’s (or perhaps your own) potential to be used as a scapegoat and blamed for others’ problems;
  5. someone's tendency to place fault on the functioning of their body (“I was tired,” “I wasn’t feeling well”) for their misbehavior or inadequacies


accuses, accused, accusing, accusation

Related terms

blame, indict, allege, fault, hold responsible, guilt, guilty